Women's magnetic bracelet

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An elegant bracelet that is a unique decoration and at the same time an effective help in many ailments.

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Who is the product intended for?

The bracelet is intended for women complaining of numbness and pain in the wrist area as a result of the crisis or post-traumatic conditions. It will also work well for people who are tired, have reduced immunity and are susceptible to stress.

Recommended to wear in case of slow metabolism, blood pressure and circulation problems.

Recommended to all women who appreciate beautiful jewelry.

How does the product work?

The magnetic field used in jewelry has the following beneficial properties:

- removes pain

- restores lost energy to tired people

- improves well-being in situations of severe stress

- improves thinking processes and helps focus

- regulates metabolism

- normalizes blood pressure

- increases the body's resistance to infections

- reduces swelling and bruising

- inhibits inflammation

- supports cleansing of the circulatory system

- accelerates the regeneration process in case of injuries

- relieves muscle spasms and tremors

- improves the mobility of stiff joints


Electronic implants (pacemaker, hearing aid), pregnancy and breastfeeding, heart attack.


Surgical steel coated with 18-carat gold, zircons, neodymium magnets/18 cm/Energetix