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Ein modernes, professionelles Trainingsgerät, das wirksame Hilfe bei verschiedenen Wirbelsäulenbeschwerden bietet.



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product description

Profilaktor – an innovative device for spine exercises. It will work when another form of rehabilitation does not help.

Profilaktor is a device necessary for everyone. Nowadays, many people have smaller or larger spine problems, and if not, it is worth starting to prevent them! We know how important its proper functioning is for the entire body, and no other rehabilitation device is able to effectively help with all diseases affecting every section of the spine to such an advanced degree. The secret of its operation is the workmanship - a springy multi-layer panel that keeps the spine in an optimal position, which perfectly strengthens and relieves the back. Using the prophylactic device, we can relax tense paraspinal muscles and exercise all the muscles of the back, torso and abdomen. Exercises using the device are easy and the effort is worth it, because the prophylactic device simultaneously stretches, adjusts and massages our spine. In addition, systematic gymnastics on the prophylactic quickly brings results in the form of excellent well-being and improvement of the condition of the spine, which encourages further exercise, which after some time becomes a natural, unforced need for the body.

Who is the product intended for?

Intended mainly for people with spine problems such as curvature, deformation, discopathy or osteochondrosis, which are often accompanied by pain and significant discomfort.

Also recommended for various postural defects, inflammation and post-traumatic conditions of the spine.

It can be used for general development exercises and for the prevention of spine diseases.

Indispensable for people with sedentary jobs.

How does the product work?

Systematic and non-strenuous exercises on the device give quick results ;

- we improve the mobility of the spine and its stability

- we get rid of fatigue of the back muscles, which become stronger

- the spine is stretched and relaxed (as after a massage)

- faulty body posture is appropriately corrected

- the bothersome pain disappears resulting from, among others, from pressure and inflammation of the spine

- the weight is normalized and the figure is shaped properly

During exercise, the spine is perfectly adjusted to the device and completely relieved (as when swimming in a swimming pool), which ensures safety, ease and effectiveness of exercise.

How to use the product:

When purchasing the preventer, we include a free exercise book.

Thanks to the flexible and elastic structure of the panel reinforced with a mountaineering rope, the device can be used by people weighing up to 180 kg.

The profilaktor can be easily installed at home.


Wooden panel with metal elements/

Jewmin Methodology

The essence of the Jewminow methodology and the secret of its effectiveness lies in dosed stretching of the spine to relieve stress, while training the deep (short) back muscles. This increases the amount of intercellular fluid, improves nutrition and rebuilds intervertebral discs.

The Jewminow Methodology is a set of exercises that should be performed on a special orthopedic device - the Jewminow prophylactic, for 10-15 minutes 2-3 times a day.

Daily exercises on the preventer are used for:

  • osteochondrosis, radiculitis, herniated intervertebral discs;
  • paralysis of the cervical spine with accompanying disorders;
  • restoring spine function after surgery and injuries
  • increasing height at any age;
  • preventing spinal paralysis in dentists, IT specialists, athletes;
  • lateral curvatures of the spine, protrusion

The Jewminowa profilaktor is a device intended for all family members.

  • for children:  prevention of scoliosis, correction of posture defects;
  • for women: beautiful posture, preventing the loss of internal organs, preparation for pregnancy and childbirth, slimming
  • for men: physical development, muscle strength and volume;
  • for older family members: prevention of spine and cardiovascular diseases, overcoming fatigue.

The Jewmin Methodology is the most effective, easy and accessible way to forget about spine diseases forever and return to normal life.

 Glisson loop FREE!

Glisson's Loop

Glisson's loop, also known as a rehabilitation traction - is a device designed to relieve the joint parts in the cervical spine. This treatment is recommended for people who suffer from neurological diseases of this part of the body.

Indications for the use of Glisson's loop:

- tinnitus
- numbness of upper limbs
- degenerative diseases
- audible movement of joints in the neck "crunching"
- neck stiffness
- discopathy
- overload conditions of the cervical spine
- cervical spondyloarthritis
- pressure on blood vessels and nerves
- migraine headaches

It is estimated that the device today known as the Glisson loop was created in the 17th century and was intended to stretch the cervical spine and the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Today, the rehabilitation lift is used in many places to improve the health of people leading a sedentary lifestyle and suffering from various head and neck ailments. Glisson loops are used in rehabilitation units, health care facilities, spa and wellness salons, as well as in private homes. At the same time, it is important that this product should be used in accordance with the doctor's recommendations and should not be used without the participation of supporting people (ensuring our safety). Added for FREE to the Jewminow Profilator.