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Anti-snoring clip

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Snoring is a very troublesome problem, it affects not only the snoring person but also the people around them. Our clip will help eliminate this inconvenience very quickly and effectively.

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Causes of snoring

Snoring is a problem that many people struggle with. The annoying noise of snoring at night effectively disturbs household members, but also poses a potential health hazard. Therefore, it is worth fighting this problem and ensuring good sleep for yourself and your entire family. Snoring occurs during deep sleep, when the mouth and throat muscles are relaxed, as a result of which the uvula collapses and its vibrations produce the sound we call snoring.

Fight snoring effectively

Surely everyone has heard about "ways" to deal with snoring: turning the dreamer on his side, whistling, and in extreme cases, when snoring becomes very bothersome, waking up the sleeping person. In each of these cases, the person who is bothered by snoring has to "fight" the snoring problem. The MOUNTAIN clip is a product intended for people who want to ensure that their household members have a good night's sleep and do not expose themselves to dangerous health complications caused by snoring. This small clip is made of soft, non-toxic silicone rubber, and in its upper places there are induction rare earth magnets (800 + GAUSS). It works by stimulating the nerve endings in the nostrils, which opens the respiratory tract and prevents snoring. Using the clip does not cause any discomfort or unpleasant sensations.

How to use the clip

The clip is placed on the nasal septum just before going to sleep. Its small size and the soft material it is made of make it practically unnoticeable. It dilates the wings of the nose, which opens the respiratory tract and effectively removes the causes of snoring. The clip is stored in a discreet and functional package, which is included in the set.