Ayurvedic Glasses - Vision Correction - Prescription - Women

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Original Ayurvedic prescription glasses, Multi-diaphragm, non-lens glasses for vision correction.

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Who is the product intended for?

Ayurvedic glassesare perfect for people with farsightedness, myopia, cataracts, strabismus and conjunctivitis.

Positive effects of use can also be noticed in case of problems with irritation and eye fatigue caused by a computer or TV screen.

How does the product work?

Non-lens, multi-diaphragm glasses can be used prophylactically and to correct our eyesight. They strengthen the eye's accommodation system. The operating pattern of the glasses is based on the use of the multi-hole diaphragm method (specially made holes arranged in a trapezoidal shape allow rays to enter the eye perpendicular and parallel to the viewing axis, thanks to which we "see" only through the center of the eye and the peripheral vision responsible for orientation is turned off, thus focusing on the acuity of seeing what is in front of our eyes).

These glasses were tested by the Department and Clinic of Eye Diseases of the Medical University of Warsaw. Systematic use brings a very quick improvement in visual acuity.

The glasses are made of very high-quality plastic, making them resistant to damage.

Why original Ayurvedic glasses?

Glasses are recommended for reading, working at a computer, watching TV and simple housework.

Proper use requires a preparation period during which we will gradually increase the time we use the glasses, starting from about 2 minutes a day.

There are no contraindications to the use of glasses.

Ayurvedic glasses are recommended for:

- antiquity,

- myopia,

- farsightedness,

- astigmatism,

- initial stage of cataract,

- strabismus in children.


Plastic case / Jaganath

Assessment of the medical suitability of Jaganath non-lenticular prescription glasses

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