Horse Ointment and other recommended ones

  • Healy
    Healy is a device that uses advanced microcurrent technology to relieve chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraines. The device uses a smartphone as a screen, memory and control unit, eliminating the need to carry additional devices. Regular use of frequency therapy supports the natural tension of the cell membrane, which contributes to health, vitality and well-being.
  • Swiss Horse Balsam

    Swiss Horse Herbal Balm more commonly known as Horse Ointment is an original Swiss product with an exceptionally broad spectrum of action. This is an extremely universal product, so we have no doubt that it should be on the shelf in every home. It is irreplaceable regardless of age. It will be used by children, adults and seniors alike. It's really worth checking out its power. See our range of Swiss Horse Ointment.

  • Ayurvedic glasses

    Ayurvedic Glasses It's a great way to train your eyes and strengthen their eye muscles. Glasses are recommended for people who have problems with myopia, farsightedness, stigmatism, the initial phase of cataracts, strabismus and presbyopia. Glasses can be used for reading, watching TV, working at the computer or during simple activities at home. Our offer includes high-quality Ayurvedic glasses made of damage-resistant material.

Recommended products - Horse Ointment - Hydrated Silica